Howdy! I am Jesse R Traynham

Writer / Artist
Musician / Developer

Who Am I ?

About Me

I am a multifaceted creator whose journey spans the realms of art, technology, and literature. My curiosity and eclectic tastes have led me to explore a wide range of styles, themes, and mediums. From the nuances of everyday life to the boundless expanses of science fiction and time travel literature, I draw inspiration from a myriad of sources to fuel my creativity.

Artistically, I am drawn to the allure of dragons, mesmerizing landscapes, and the speculative intrigue of science fiction, integrating these elements into my visual and narrative works. My portfolio showcases a dynamic exploration across AI-generated art, traditional photography, sculpture, painting, and more, influenced by the surreal imagination of Surrealism, the majesty of the Renaissance, and the intricate beauty of Art Nouveau.

Storytelling sits at the core of my artistic expression, inviting viewers to embark on imaginative journeys and construct their own narratives. This passion for storytelling extends into my musical endeavors and writing, where melodies and speculative fiction intertwine to create rich, narrative landscapes.

With three decades of experience in the IT sector, my professional journey has been marked by a diverse array of projects, from website development to complex database management. I am a co-founder of CNS Plug-ins, where we have development of a wide range of plugins for Claris FileMaker. These plugins are designed to enhance FileMaker's capabilities, offering advanced features such as email integration, FTP support, image manipulation, and barcode generation.

My work is a testament to the power of combining art, technology, and storytelling, aiming to inspire curiosity and transport audiences to realms both grounded and otherworldly. Thank you for visiting my site, and I invite you to explore the convergence of my artistic and technical worlds, where imagination meets innovation.